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June 3, 2014 Review

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November 26, 2012

Calculate survey scores with our new Rating Scale question

We have released a new feature today, available for Corporate and above accounts: Rating Scale questions.

With a rating scale question it is possible today to rate/evaluate and calculate scores in your survey. A rating scale question in the most general way, looks just like a single choice matrix question that has labels on both left and right sides. However, this can be changed to only have row labels on the left. In the header, rating values can be displayed. The scale values can be any numbers, so you can rate from 0 to 10 for example or from 5 to 1, etc.

The question editor looks like this:

The question in the live survey looks like this:

The report with a rating scale question looks like this:

We have created a sample survey that has 2 rating scale questions (questions 1 and 3): Employee evaluation of the company and supervisor.
The report for this survey can be accessed here: report.

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April 26, 2012

New feature: Send confirmation email to user online survey software tool released today a new feature: send confirmation email to user.

Corporate account holders and above can now automatically send a confirmation email to the respondent when a response is received to the survey. This will only work if the user received an email invitation to answer the survey sent with our tool.

To use this feature, you need to go to “Survey Options” / “Other” tab and check the box under “Send confirmation email to user” section.

survey software feature

Here you also have the possibility to configure the email address, subject and content of the message. The content of the email may include the following variables, each of which will be replaced with the real recipient information in the actual email: #FirstName#, #LastName#, #CustomData1#, #CustomData2#, #CustomData3#.

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February 24, 2012

New feature: report sharing online survey software tool released today a new feature requested by our users. Premium account holders and above can now share their survey results with other people.

Here is what you need to do to take advantage of this feature:

1) Go to your survey reporting section / summary report.

For example, for our survey “Career Training and Development”, here is how it looks like.

2) Click on the “Share Results” button (see image above).

You will be redirected to a page that looks like this:

3) Check the box that says “Check this box to allow other people to view to your summary report”.

Your report public url will be displayed and you will be able to share that link with whoever you like.

For example, for our sample questionnaire Career Training and Development, here is the public report that we will share with all the respondents.

If you like to share the results of your survey with your respondents right after they answered the questionnaire, you can do that easily: just go to your survey options section and select “Link to the following page” for the survey completion option and use your public report url (like in the image below):

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February 22, 2012

New features released for the best online survey software released today a couple of new features requested by our users.

1) Disable save on back

By default, when a user navigates between the pages of a survey, the responses are saved when the user clicks on either “Back” or “Next” buttons. This feature will allow you to disable save and validate when the “Back” button is clicked. The respondent will just be redirected to the previous page.

To control this feature, you need to go to survey options section and check/uncheck the box next to the text “Validate & Save when the ‘Back’ button is clicked”

2) Set the width of the survey page

Before this, the live survey page had a fixed width of 751px. This feature will allow you to choose a different width of the survey page ranging from 200px to 1500px.
To use this feature, you need to go to survey options section / appearance tab and select the width from the drop down.

We will continue to add new features to our survey software to make it the best online survey tool on the market.

January 24, 2012

Questionnaire templates. Free online survey templates. offers, besides a free survey tool that you can use to create and deploy complex online surveys, also a large collection of questionnaire templates.

Here are a few interesting links with free questionnaire templates:

Customer satisfaction questionnaire templates
Human resources questionnaire templates
Marketing research questionnaire templates
Services evaluation questionnaire templates
Academic questionnaire templates

You can use all these templates to create and deploy online surveys with It’s free.

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June 4, 2009 Professional Survey Services – Survey Programming

Are you under-staffed, faced with a tight deadline, or have a complex survey design? can help you program your questionnaires and meet your deadlines.

Send us your questionnaire specifications and we will have it designed and ready for review in maximum 1 business day. From simple to the most complex survey designs, our professionals can help you meet your deadlines.


Our standard packages have the following prices:

– 1 survey with up to 30 questions – $200 USD
– 1 survey with up to 50 questions – $300 USD
– 1 survey with up to 100 questions – $400 USD

Note: Prices are valid for surveys that don’t need skip logic. Prices include survey design, email invitations to maximum 1000 respondents (you must provide the emails list), reports generation (once per day until survey ends).

If you have
– surveys with more than 100 questions
– surveys with complex skip logic / branching
– need to send email invitations to more than 1000 recipients
– special reporting needs,

please contact us and we will provide a custom quote for you.

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May 29, 2009

New feature: possibility to control questions visibility, the established provider of web based survey software designed to help organizations easily collect, understand and manage feedback, launches a new powerful feature: possibility to control survey questions visibility.

The feature will be available for Corporate and Enterprise users. Until now, all questions were always visibile. From now on, users can set a question to be always hidden or to hide when some conditions are met.

Conditions can be based on responses received to single choice, multiple choice or matrix questions located on the previous pages of the survey.

esurveyspro questions visibility

Users that don’t have a Corporate or Enterprise account must upgrade to benefit of this feature or use the already existing Page Skip Logic to jump between pages to avoid the display of some questions.

For more details about features, visit

May 27, 2009

Survey Software Tutorial – Page Skip Logic

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Survey page logic is used to control how a respondent moves through the pages of a survey. By default, when a user clicks on the “Next” button, the user is taken to the next page of the survey. However, sometimes you might want the user to skip some pages with questions that are not relevant to the user based on the answers given on previous questions, so it is useful to override this default behavior.

When page logic is added to a page, the logic conditions are evaluated when a respondent exits that page. The logic conditions then control if the user is directed to the next page or some other page.

Page logic can be added to a page while editing the survey by clicking on the “Page Logic” button in the title bar for the page.


On the Page Logic page, there are 3 options:

1. Unconditional Jump – go directly to the next page. This option is the default options and it just turns off the page skip logic.
2. Unconditional Jump – upon exiting page, jump to a specific page. This option will send the respondent to the specified page upon exiting the current page. It does that unconditionally with no regard to any other criteria.
3. Conditional Jump. This option lets you create a set of conditions that determine what page the respondent should be taken to based on how they answered one or more questions on the current or previous pages.

Example: Let’s look at a simple example with the following survey:

Page 1 – First Page
– Question 1 – What is your favorite color? (Answer choices: Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Pink)

Page 2 – Second Page
– Some questions on page 2

Page 3 – Third Page
– Some questions on page 3

Page 4 – 4th Page
– Some questions on page 4

Page 5 – Last Page
– Some final questions

In this example, we would like that respondents that are choosing “Green” to the first question, should only respond to questions on Page 3 and then the final page (Page 5). Also, respondents that are choosing “Blue” to the first question should only respond to questions of Page 4 and then the final page (Page 5).

To do this, we add page logic to page 1 such that upon exiting Page 1, the logic will be evaluated and the user will be taken to the appropriate page. We will add a Conditional Jump with 2 conditions. The first condition should be set as follows:

survey software page logic condition

The second condition for color “Blue” will be added in the same manner. The 2 conditions will look like this:

survey software page logic conditions

Note that each condition was placed in a separate “Group”. Group numbers are used to group together multiple conditions that must all be met. In our example, we are controlling the survey flow based on one question and therefore each condition is separate and in fact, only one condition can be met at a time because the user can only have chosen one color.

With these conditions set, when respondents exit Page 1, the page logic will determine what page they should go to next based on their answer to what their favorite color is.

Now that we have set up the logic to control where the user goes to after Page 1, we need to add page logic to pages 3 and 4 as well. The reason is we only want the respondent to complete the page corresponding to the color they chose. For example, if they choose “Green”, they will be taken to Page 3. However, when they finish that page, unless we add page logic to it, they will move on to the next page (Page 4) and then to the final page (Page 5).

We can fix this by adding Unconditional Jumps that will take the respondent to the Last Page when leaving Page 3 and 4. The unconditional jump can be set like this:


For more details about features check out the site of the best online survey software.

May 26, 2009

New questions editor

Filed under: online survey, survey software — Tags: , , — esurveyspro @ 9:06 am continues to add features and enhancements to its well known survey builder.

All the users are now able to access the new questions editor that was completely redesigned to include the following features:
– rich text / html editor for question texts
– library for standard answer options
– Ajax enabled page for a better user interface experience

esurveyspro question editor

Premium accounts and above will also be able to use the spelling checker included in the questions editor. Spelling checker works right now with 6 languages (English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese). Contact if you need to check spelling in other languages.

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